Online Health Form

Getting Started

Welcome to the online health form system for Heartland Outdoor School. This system provides a fast, easy and secure way for you to submit health forms for students, parents, and teachers. Please read all of the following before beginning.

Here is what you will need to complete this online form:

  • Basic info - of the person you are filling this form out for.
  • Emergency contact information - for a parent or legal guardian (if filling out for a student)
  • Medication info including the name of the medication, dosage amount, and when taken.
  • General health history - allergies, food restrictions, and any other potential health problems.
  • Access Code - If you do not have a code, please contact your child's teacher.

Using this system:

  • Allow at least 15 minutes - of your time to complete this form. Please note: If you are inactive for 20 minutes, you will be returned to this page and have to start over.
  • Required fields - marked with a red asterisk (*)
  • To clear all data and start over - use the link at the bottom-left of the entry screens.
  • When you finish - Your information will be automatically sent to the health office and your group's leader. You will have the option on the last screen to have a copy of the information sent to additional recipients (i.e. yourself, legal guardians).

All information entered on this site is encrypted for your security.